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The world has been transformed. The COVID pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis with devastating health, economic and social impact in every country. It is plunging the world economy into a recession of historic dimensions. These are unprecedented times and it is important to take extraordinary measures and help our country get back on track. The COVID-19 Alliance is a platform where a variety of businesses and organizations are coming together to help the unfortunate people who had to lose their jobs and businesses.

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COVID Alliance is an initiative with a mission to help people connect with employers and to support small businesses. This alliance will act as a platform to mitigate the financial impacts of  the pandemic and help people survive this tough situation. The goal is to enable companies to quickly identify and fill jobs in locations where there is need and to help shorten the unemployment period for people, which can often be lengthy and complex.

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It is hard-wired in all of us, as social beings, to connect with each other. While COVID-19 has self-isolated billions of people, it has prompted millions to volunteer in many innovative ways. Fresh thinking is needed now more than ever because volunteers have unique attributes that make them essential to the response and that will put them at the heart of restoring societies and economies when this stage of COVID-19 has passed.

This is why COVID Alliance aims to harness the power and synergies of citizen volunteers, as they are well suited for relief work in the localities with crucial knowledge of local needs and resources.

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